The New Belgium Family Foundation seeks to honor the regenerative potential of business through meaningful investing, philanthropy and advocacy.


The New Belgium Family Foundation evaluates and administers grant making and investment in three broad areas: Inclusion through youth engagement and employee ownership; Stewardship through protection of natural resources; and Community through progressive transportation and sustainable agriculture. The Foundation’s general geographic focus is the western United States, with concentration in Washington State, Colorado and California.

We usually give general operating grants because we acknowledge that the best people to decide how to use our philanthropic dollars are those that are doing the actual work. Our general operating grants allow organizations to pursue new opportunities, respond to unexpected political or environmental events, hire key personnel, or buy stamps. 

As we continue to evolve, we seek to strike a balance between providing meaningful support to the organizations we work with, while at the same time maintaining the ability to pursue new grant making opportunities. Generally, our grantees have the opportunity to re-apply for general operating grants for three consecutive years, after which we ask them to take a two-year break. 


As a foundation with a very small staff, we currently only accept proposals by invitation. 

The Team